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Game - UFO

2009-12-05 20:41:56 by digitalgenre

I've for a very long time being waiting to upload a generically named 'ufo game'. I've created the last level and I'm planning to upload it quite soon. I'm bringing back the concept of a story including and more indepth sequal that can include various other forms of gameplay I came up with a while ago. There is about 99% chance I'll upload it.

In other news.

I've been working on this little tank game. Quite an uninspiring concept really but I still think it would be fun to finish and upload it.
There is about 50% chance i'll upload it.

In other news.

I've been playing around with this little program i animated and programmed and it's vaguely based on space invaders.
There is about 75% chance I'll release it.

In other news.

I was earlier working on this minor spaceship ambush game. I was pretty much just mucking around.
There is about 25% chance I'll release it.

Look foward.
(There is no promise that these will all come out. I'm only expecting a few of them to be released. The majority of them are just concepts)


2009-05-03 22:55:11 by digitalgenre

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